Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Git & make

One of the most annoying issues with git (which is actually a side-product of the fact that it's very easy to create/administer branches), is that switching branches will cause a lot of recompiles.

ccache helps some, but the real life-saver here is a script which doesn't come bundled with your installed git, but which you'll have to download the source code to get: git-new-workdir. It clones your repository to a different directory, with some symlink magic so that everything is shared except the index. It's the git equivalent a checkout of a svn repository to different directories, except that anything you do in any of the directories is available in all directories.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Git & Whitespace

Recently I've been slowly transitioning from svn to git, though one of the mildly annoying differences is that git likes to colorize trailing whitespace in diffs with a very distracting color:

First try at fixing it: a tiny script to fix the file before committing.

Oops, that introduced a huge number of changes and would mess up history quite a bit, not the way to go.

So I added this to my ~/.gitconfig:

whitespace = -trailing-space

and now I can see the important changes in the diffs again.